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RSX Extreme Force Electric Linear Actuators

New extreme force rod-style electric actuators achieve up to 222 kN

Posted Date: 20th May 2020
New rod-style electric actuators achieving force up to 222.4 kN have been released.
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Infinity Series Arc Segment Motors

Smooth motion arc segments and large 360-degree rotary profile direct drive motors

Posted Date: 23rd Apr 2020
Direct drive, smooth motion motors are moving light payloads in arc and full 360-degree rotary profiles.
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Agility Series Compact Frameless Motors

Direct drive motors with zero cogging enable smooth control

Posted Date: 24th Mar 2020
Zero cogging direct drive motors are providing smooth motion control for OEMs of scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting machines
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OMNI Series Frameless motors

Compact frameless direct drive motors newly available from INMOCO UK

Posted Date: 26th Feb 2020
A range of low profile direct drive motors with a compact and frameless design are now available from INMOCO in the UK
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Juke Series Voice Coils

Voice coil motors offer high precision motion in a small customisable package

Posted Date: 23rd Jan 2020
Precision motion specialists INMOCO have added the Juke™ Series voice coil motor from the American manufacturer Celera Motion to its portfolio of high...
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