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Upgraded Servo System Cables

Servo systems cables to be upgraded with new connectors and labelling

Posted Date: 17th Oct 2019
Improved servo systems cables made by Kollmorgen are now available to UK users, through INMOCO, the Daventry based precision motion control specialist...
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AKM2G Low Voltage Motor

INMOCO introducing low voltage DC servo motors that redefine performance expectations

Posted Date: 17th Sep 2019
Precision motor specialists INMOCO is launching the first of a series of low voltage DC servo motors to meet the need of new and emerging applications...
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MotionDesk Version 3.6

MotionDesk update brings Windows 10 support programming to Orion motion controllers

Posted Date: 03rd Sep 2019
Intelligent Motion Control (INMOCO) announces an update to the MotionDesk programming environment for the ORION motion controller from ORMEC.
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DC Brushed Motor

Customisation options deliver drop-in replacements for hard-to-source motors

Posted Date: 20th Aug 2019
With a number of manufacturers having dropped the availability of DC servo motors from their catalogues, designers of critical equipment in areas such...
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Industry 4.0

Motion control looks set to keep running for many years

Posted Date: 15th Jul 2019
Industrial control is a highly developed field that advances year on year as the underlying technology advances. But will it and all its specialist su...
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